Blog Exercise: When Was the Last Time You Got Personal

“When you design for everyone, you design for no one”, I feel it applies to coding as well..

Lorelle on WordPress

Blog Exercises on Lorelle on WordPress.I walked into a friend’s home and found the fridge covered with refrigerator art from her seven year old. The traditional home often features such childhood artwork but this was extremely precious as the child has learning disabilities and drawing.

The artwork was beautiful. I stood there transfixed at the crude scribbles, trying to find distinguishable shapes and forms. Then I realized it didn’t matter. They were her attempts to connect visually to her world and translate it.

A few days later I watched a presentation by Aarron Walter, author and UX director at MailChimp. He explained how we need to design “small kindness” into our site designs, personal touches that connect with us personally through personality, story, and voice.

It’s not about the products. It’s about the effect of those products on the people and their lives.

This is what those pieces of art on the refrigerator…

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2 thoughts on “Blog Exercise: When Was the Last Time You Got Personal

  1. You are absolutely right. When I’m working with my web design students I have to work very hard to convince them that today’s webdesign is not about graphic design, it’s not about the paint, it’s about the code. You cannot design quality web pages today without understanding how the code works, how the code changes the design, and how code influences the end results of content and design. I’m glad you figured that one out. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the inspiring post, Lorelle. I found it complementary with another nice point of view I found earier today, actually focused on content but with the very same approach: “Instead of starting with a style guide or a Photoshop mockup, start with words on a page”. Code are just words with special meanings.

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