My own Textmate / Sublime Text color scheme

I spent a lot of time tweaking my own Textmate setup in the last years, than I switched back to linux and I was stuck: Textmate is the *best* code editor I’ve ever seen, even if it’s OSX only I hope that many other code editors will borrow some of its powerful text-mangling features (because it has been open sourced).

Sublime Text is my new editor of choice, it’s really powerful even if it’s not on pair on everything with Textmate (but I’m sure it will catch up: it’s actually the best editor on linux), it’s not actually open source (nothing wrong with that, just a personal preference) and it’s a little too Python-focused for me (but this could be a plus for some other devs).

One feature I really loved is its Textmate bundle support, as I’m finally able to have the very same color scheme in both linux and OSX: I can write code anywhere with every tool but one thing really annoy me: color schemes (or lacking-of). Here’s mine:

My color scheme on Sublime Text 2 (linux)
My color scheme on Sublime Text 2 (linux)

You can find this color scheme on BitBucket, feel free to grab it and contribute your enhancements if you like. Enjoy!


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