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Happy 157th birthday, Nikola Tesla

TED Blog

Nikola Tesla, named by The Oatmeal the “greatest geek who ever lived,” was born on this day in 1856. And on the occasion of his 157th birthday, we’d like to share this great talk about the inventor who held more than 700 patents, including ones for alternating current, the radio, the remote control, the electric motors and neon lighting. The talk, given by illusionist Marco Tempest at TED2012, celebrates Tesla’s inventive mind, but is not purely a celebration. The talk also tells the story of the project that was Tesla’s undoing — a wireless telegraphy center in upstate New York that he envisioned being used to contact other planets. He became a recluse.

All in all, on Tesla’s birthday, it’s a meditation on the innovative spirit — and the importance of giving great thinkers the opportunity to dream, try and occasionally fail.

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New blog

After 2008 shutdown I was missing a public and non-useful place for my random rants on coding as well as other cool things, news, links and so on.

Even worse I was lacking a proper account. Unacceptable.
That’s the true story behind this new URL: no real reason but curiosity, at least now.

Feel free to check out my  WordPress plugins while I think something cool to write! 🙂